28 October 2008

Look at that HAIR!

I got a haircut. It wasn't drastic at all but I was so HAPPY to get it! My hair just felt old, heavy and boring. That's what happens when I go too long. I got it cut right before the wedding but not much because my hairdresser wanted my hair long for the wedding "do".

Anyways, my mom wants to see the pictures Jonathan took on Saturday after I got home. I got my hair cut at 8 AM saturday because my guy (Elias) is in high demand out here. So I took these pictures before I took a nap at 1! I'm glad I remembered because it sure didn't look like this when I woke up...

I know...it's a little wild. But I loved it! It was fun! He did all of that with a skinny little flat-iron. It was like a magic act...he showed me how to do it (he even made me do it with him!) but you know I won't be able to do that again. Maybe, maybe.
So, mom, you better be reading this because this is all for you!

Well, I started my new job last Wednesday and so far I've liked it. I'm getting used to being gone during the day. Yesterday was terrible though because I went to the grocery store during rush hour...which I usually avoid at all costs. No more avoiding, I'm a working woman now! Today it was freezing at work...it's always freezing but I wore the wrong thing today. I could barely stand it by the time I walked out.

Anyways...I need to go get a "snack" ready for Jonathan before he gets home. I've got him addicted to my snacks. I make good snacks (and healthy). He always thought it was weird before we were married but now I got him on board! We're addicted to cheese that costs $4 a chunck...we're giving up cereal to buy it! I found the cheese at Walmart on sale 2 for $5! I was too EXCITED!



BrowKnee said...

Not the Kraft smoked swiss?

Love the hair - Texas Hair!

Claire said...

you are hilarious and I LOVE your hair. So glam ;) What kind of soup is it, and what kind of healthy snacks do you make?