11 November 2008

lunch break post

So I thought I would take part of my lunch break to update my blog since it's been TOO long!

To start out I'll share with my readers (very few I'm sure) what kind of snacks I make! Claire asked what I make so for anyone who is also interested! Seriously, nothing special but I think all of it tastes good togther and it's healthy. It's usually any combination of the following: smoked swiss and cheddar cheese (Hoffman's brand is the only one that makes it), almonds, water crackers, goldish, fritos, pecans...
I usually always have at least the cheese, almonds, and crackers and then I throw in anything else I might have at the time. I feel dumb posting this but it's fun to share!

When Jonathan and I were walking into the house after he picked me up from the airport he had a CHI box under his arm. Strange. Here is how it went:

L: Why do you have that?!?
J: Oh my mom wanted to know if you wanted it...(like it's just nothing!)
L: She wanted to know if I wanted it?? YES I want it! Do you know how much those things are??
J: No.

I proceeded to tell him...I still don't know why she gave it to me. I'll see her tonight and ask her. I know she wanted to get a flat iron but she did and I thought I saw it and knew it wasn't a CHI. Anyways...this is too great of a thing to just hand off to me!
So now I have no excuse to try to fix my hair like in the picture from my last post. He used the exact same thing and even trained me. We'll see...

This weekend I went to Austin to hang out with my Austin/San Marcos friends. I stayed with Emily but I got to see Megan and Liz. It was so good to have lots of girl time. We missed Michaela and Heather so much (the original plan was to have a girls weekend but things came up). I realized on the plane on the way to Austin that I forgot my camera! So I have NO pictures to show for it. I'm disappointed in myself...
On Sunday I hung out with John and Laura. It was fun. Laura and I went to the Container Store so I could spend my giftcard. I got one of those cool salad/salad dressing containers! :)

Alright I would write more but my lunch break is OVAH!



ROBERTO said...

Adoro amendoas.
Legal seu blog.

Claire said...

Thanks for posting your snack combos and YAY for getting a chi!! My chi and I are about to celebrate our thrid anniversary and I love him just as much as I did the day I got him ;)

Laura Rugh said...

How is your salad container? I am looking forward to seeing you soon for Thanksgiving!

Laura Rugh said...

Most of the fabrics I found are from Duralee. They have a great website and you can customize your search by color, pattern, etc. The website is:
Also, go to potterybarn.com, click on accessories, and look for a cute little owl. He is actually pretty big. I think I am going to name him Henry. Haha! I don't even have him yet!
Anyway...I will post a picture of the fabric that I love soon.

Love you!

BrowKnee said...

You have a very cool MIL! I feel good about that...bring it home with you so I can try it!