16 October 2008


I baked cookies today.

Before I got married I NEVER baked. I'd only made one batch of cookies by myself. I've just never had the desire. I cooked all the time in college--I just didn't bake. Now I love to do it! It's probably because I have a KitchenAid Mixer and someone to eat my desserts! So if you have any recipes, please pass them on to me! Michaela, I forgot to tell you today that I made your pumpkin bread on Saturday with my mom...it was so good and so easy! :) Oh and thanks for letting me copy your idea of posting pics of your cookies.



Michaela said...

yay! cookies! baking!
I'm glad the pumpkin bread worked out for you! I'm sending some recipes soon. Please put up pictures of your home somewhere, when you have it all set up!

Shannon said...

I love food blogs and posts with recipes and pictures! I've been wanting to do this for a while too, and you have inspired me!