02 October 2008

23rd Birthday! 9-30-85

I've been looking forward to this birthday since Oct. 1st 2007. I knew that on my next birthday I would be married and living with my husband. Last year my birthday fell on a Sunday and Jonathan had to go back to Midland the same day. It was so sad :(
But this year I was with him from start to finish (12 am to 12 am)! He even rolled over at 3 am to tell me happy birthday (which he had to remind me of when I woke up)!

The day started at 7:30 when Jonathan walked in with breakfast on a tray. :) It was weird eating when I hadn't even had a chance to process that I was awake. I must have looked hilarious trying to put food in my mouth with my eyes all droopy!
I had a job interview (kind of) in Odessa so I was gone for about 2 hours during lunch. When I finally got home Jonathan and our pastor were in the apartment installing my new washer and dryer! Jonathan was so sweet...he was trying to have it all done before I got there but it just took them longer than he thought. I was no less surprised and thrilled to have it done! I had so much fun yesterday doing laundry! Today I told Jonathan that I wish I had laundry to do...I wonder how long that will last?

We went to Olive Garden for dinner and split our favorite meal there (baked ziti with pepperoni added). We ordered calamari but after a long time of waiting our food came but no calamari! I felt bad for the waitor....I always feel bad for he waitor...I don't want to embarrass then when they mess up. Anyways, it was awkward but we got it for free! THEN, we ordered pumpkin cheesecake and he said it would be on them! We were a little confused because now we were getting two things free. Confused but happy! Our full course meal was less than $20 and we were so full. I love it when restaurants mess up...I really do! (As long as I'm not with anyone who actually gets mad...)

It was a great first birthday as a married woman :)

My favorite part was eating good food and having my washer and dryer installed. I think I love those things too much. When I was making dinner last night I realized that my laundry doors were closed...I went over there and opened them so I could enjoy my new appliances from the kitchen sink :) I'm sure, very soon, I will never want the doors to my laundry room open!

Well I'm off to find something to wash...


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Michaela said...

hahahahaha I love you!
I think everyone loves the first few loads with new toys!