31 July 2008

Post-Move Post

The move is done! It felt like that week prior to moving and the day of the move were never going to end. You know that feeling? It was stressful...but only because I made it that way. My wonderful Jonathan was a rock the entire time...even when the truck had a flat tire. I pray and hope that his calmness and perspective on things will slowly rub off on me. He is such a blessing.

So I'm on the other side of the move which means the ONLY thing on my agenda right now is the WEDDING! Which I think will be a full time job till the last minute. I'm asking God each day to keep my perspective in check. The color of my roses, the music played and the flow of the evening have NO effect on our marriage or ANY eternal significance.

The shower this last weekend was lovely. It really was. All of the hostesses did a wonderful job. There was live music and great food! It's overwhelming how generous people are. I have a lot of thank-you cards to get working on!

My mom and I went to dinner tonight at a new family-owned restaurnt on Spring Cypress and Champion Forest called Schilleci's. I love it! It was my second time to go and even better than the first. We both got pot roast, potatoes, green beans and bread. It hit the spot. The owner is really friendly and all the food has that home-cooked feel. Jonathan said he went to school with their son...so they've been in the area for a while. Go there!

Here is their website: http://www.schilleciscafeandcatering.com/

Alright, I need to go attempt to make our wedding programs. Wish me luck!


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