19 July 2008

Time for a post...

I think it's time for a post. If I'm serious about this blog thing then I need to be consistent!

It's saturday morning and both of my parents are gone for most of the day. And when they get home they're leaving again for a pool party?? I don't know why they're going to a pool party-that's just weird. Not like them at all. Anyways...so it's just me and the pups.

I can't wait till Saturdays are full of being lazy OR productive with my HUSBAND! 4 weeks from this Saturday I'll be getting married. I just have 3 more saturdays as a single woman. Should I be really stressed out right now with wedding planning? I am a little but not too much...it almost makes me nervous. Is there something big I'm forgetting to do? I still have a lot of things to find/purchase. I need earrings! But I'm consistently getting things done this week...slowly but surely.

My favorite thing to do since I've been in Houston this week is to go to the mailbox to gather up all the RSVP's that have arrived! We get at least a few every day. I'm such a dork but I look forward to it every day. A lot of people have RSVP'd but we still are waiting for a lot. I hope they send them in this week b/c I don't want to be guessing...

This week I go back to Austin and begin packing up all of my stuff. I'm not really looking forward to it but in a way I am. I'm excited about bringing all of my stuff to Midland. But packing isn't my favorite thing...and I hate moving. I should start praying now that it goes smoothly. For some reason moving always becomes traumatic/emotional for me. Nerves run high in my family and I guess I get pretty sensitive.

Alright...I have things on a list that I need to do today! I hope everyone has a good, relaxing weekend. :)


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Michaela said...

i just learned yesterday in my class that your body produces 2 million red blood cells a second. I'm taking this as a reason to say that i'm being productive even when I'm not doing anything.