09 August 2008

ONE WEEK and The Olympics!

Okay, so this time in one week I will be getting my hair and makeup done and getting ready for my wedding. I'm going to be SO giddy. Everything seems unreal right now. I can't believe that Jonathan will be my husband. My life will be completely different very soon. I can't wait to begin my new life.

Are you ever completely overcome with thankfulness, excitement, joy that you can't even express it? I'm frozen with joy!
Thank you God for your grace. Thank you for providing me with a man who wants to serve you. Thank you for a man who wants our marriage to be based in your Word.

I just CAN'T wait.

Rachel is going to be here on Monday!!! I'm really excited about that too. I'm going to really love having her by my side the week before my wedding and on the day.
I remember promising each other that we will be each other's maid of honors. Well it's here!

The Olympics started yesterday. I love the Olympics. I'm not even that into sports but I always enjoy the olympics. These athletes are incredible. Seriously. How do they move that fast?? Swimming is by far my favorite. The olympics is the only time you get to watch swimming...at least I think, I don't really know what I'm talking about. But, it's the only time I watch it. I'm watching the loooong bike race right now-and that's just incredible.
I'm kind of disappointed that the Olympics are right in the midst of my wedding/honeymoon. I won't get to watch it as much as I like to. But, it will keep me company while I finish last minute wedding details!

What is your favorite summer olympic sport??


p.s. did you watch the olympics opening ceremony?? WHOA!


Shannon said...

I'd have to agree with you...my favorite sport is probably swimming followed closely by gymnastics and track. Honestly, though, I'll watch it all! I never knew sports like fencing could be so interesting, but I'm hooked on anything and everything Olympics.

Claire said...

your wedding day is SOOO soon! Don't forget to take a little bit of time every day for some stillness. I was reminded of that this time last year. It will help you stay calm and refreshed :)