22 July 2008


Today I was given a little surprise by my sweet roommate, Liz. She told me we were meeting a couple of friends for lunch at Vivo's but when we arrived there were more than just the "couple of friends". Emily, Michelle, Brady and Abigail were there. Liz's sister, Rita was there too (even though she worked at the hospital the whole night before). I was thrilled! It was mini-bachelorette party for some of my Austin people. It was great because a lot of them won't be able to make it to my real bachelorette party.
Vivo's was an ironically, funny, perfect location for a bachelorette party. Basically, don't go there with your family or any guys. We were in a little party room with interesting pictures on the walls...Liz wasn't even aware of this...it just worked out that way. The food was great AND they gave us roses at the end. Not just little dinky roses but big, full, deep red roses. I like to think this was a special treat for us midday party girls but apparently you always get a rose when you go there. I wish I had pictures to share. I kind of dropped the ball on picture taking. I might come back and add some when I get them from other people.

It made me realize that I'm going to miss the people in Austin. And the great food! Tomorrow I'm going to another Austin restaurant to meet my old roommate and her fiancé. I'm looking forward to that because I haven't seen them since they got engaged. We were also going to see the new Batman movie at the IMAX but they're already sold out! I want to see that...but not if I have to fight to get a ticket!

Other than the impromptu lunch party today I've been packing, packing, packing. I have a lot of stuff. More than I thought. I hope Jonathan is prepared to more than double what he has. Every time I feel like I've made a dent I look up and there is still stuff all around me.
Honestly, I don't hate packing too bad. I actually might enjoy it just a little bit. I don't know why...maybe because it's just not stressful. It's a good way to keep busy this last week in Austin. I would MUCH rather be doing this than studying for a test or writing a paper.

Well, it's almost 10 but I think I have some more packing in me...thanks for reading!


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Claire said...

Don't you just love when sweet friends surprise you?!? Cherish this time you have before you get married. Your focus will have to change some [not that I'm saying you won't have time for friends or anything, but your husband will then be the first person in your life]. I love you sweet Lauren!