10 July 2008

Texas Alum

That's right! I'm no longer a student at the University of Texas!

What a great feeling. I was smiling as I bubbled in my last answer on my test. I wanted to yell out "I'm done" when I walked out the door. I think people would have just thought I'm crazy...I don't ever see people do that so it's probably not the norm.

So...now what?

Wedding planning every day!! Finally, my time is not pulled in two directions. I also have to move some stuff back to Houston this weekend. And then most of my stuff all the way to Midland! After this summer I'm vowing to never move during the summer ever again. Students always end up doing that because that's when leases are up...but not anymore! I would like to freeze my butt off next time I pack up.

I am going to miss my apartment...especially my cute little room. One of my walls is painted "persimmon"...which is kind of pink. Never again can my bedroom walls be any version of pink. But I'm willing to trade pink for Jonathan :) Way more than willing!
The sad part is that I have to paint it back for next tenants :( I don't want to paint over my beautiful color. How depressing.

Ahhh! I never have to spend another weekend researching and writing papers. I LOVE THAT! Sundays will now be RESTFUL like they are suppose to be. Oh I'm looking forward to that SO SO much. Alright, enough for now...BYE



Claire said...

Praise the Lord you are done! Enjoy this time at home with your mom/fam finishing up your wedding preparations. Husbands are DEFINITELY worth trading for pink walls ;)


Shannon said...

Lauren, it's so good to hear from you! congratulations on finishing up school, and if I remember correctly, you're getting married so soon! I'm adding you to my blog friends list, so I can keep up with you and all your adventures...so you know at least one person will be regularly checking and reading your blog :)