12 January 2009


I just stumbled across the website. It's so random. It's fun to come up with ideas though. I like the idea of collecting images of what I like and then reproducing them in real life with a REAL budget! I put this together...it's a representation of my living room...sort of...kind of...

Some of these elements I have some version of. Other elements are part of my plans for the future.
For example...we just got a white armoire similiar to the one pictured except it's shorter, longer, and cooler! But the feet are almost identical. It's where we keep our TV and I'm so excited about it. It's our very late wedding gift from J's parents.
Another example...the red pillow: I love this pattern and actually you can buy this fabric. I want to get it in yellow and recover this retro looking chair we got from J's grandmother. The plate represents all the plates I have in my living room (on the wall, mantle, etc). I am addicted to plates...seriously. The mirror represents the antique frameless mirror I have hanging on our wall. The chaise...well I love them and I want one! I love nesting tables but haven't found any yet. I like the white lamp...the yellow rug (from pottery barn kids!!). I just put the coffee table in there because my design needed one! Ours is so much cooler and one of kind. We're not sure who made it (J's great grandfather maybe). It's long and low and held together with wooden pegs. It's amazing. It used to have our TV on it but since we got the armoire we were able to resurrect it! The only thing missing from this picture is a couch...I just could not find a good one, oh well!

Michaela is the only one who's seen my place! I need more of my girls to come out to me! Read Michaela's blog...she says my guest bed is comfy!

Alright...back to my to-do list. J is at a men's only bible study right now so I have the evening to get things done!

Leave me some love!

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Laura Rugh said...

I love it! So cool. I am going to try it out. Miss you, sister!

Claire said...

This website sounds so cool! Hopefully it can help us decorate our future new house!