27 December 2008

Nap Eyelashes

Don't you just love that bent eyelash look you get from taking nap with your face smashed against a pillow while you have mascara on. Actually, no kidding, sometimes it looks good. It's bent just enough to look like I curled it...but only on one side of course.

This Christmas was by far different from any of my other Christmases but parts of it felt just the same. We spent it here with his parents, brother and wife, niece, aunt and grandmother. We had our own little Christmas in the morning (which I forgot to take a picture of!) and then went over to his parents house for the big event. Abigail is about 2.5 so this Christmas was such an event for her! We spent a lot of our time with presents unwrapped at our feet admiring sweet Abigail ripping into her prizes. But we found time to unwrap our own. I got a lot of thoughtful gifts among my favorites...a cake stand (antique), anthro gift card, and these two books:

Radical Womanhood
go here for an interesting video about this book...

Heaven Without Her
I'm already half way through this one.

Jonathan basically got me both although he "sold" one of them to his mom to give to me. haha.

Jonathan's aunt, Mary Scott, spent the night with us last night. I was so glad to have her and I know Jonathan was too. She thinks Jonathan is precious and just adores him. He made us waffles in the morning and I know she loved it.

Michaela will be the next to stay with us and I couldn't be more excited to have her feet in my apartment all the way out here in west Texas!! Her parents and her are driving through on their way back from an "untraditional" Christmas in California.

Despite how at home I feel here with my husband I still miss my family this Christmas. It's just strange. It's not the same mailing each other's gifts and not seeing each others faces. I didn't even get to see our tree set up in the living room this year.

I thank the LORD for Christ's sacrifice on the cross. I thank the LORD that he has granted me his grace. It is by his grace alone that I have hope in this world and I hope that his name will be glorified! I hope that Christmas will be about Him every year of my life and not just on Christmas day.



Laura Rugh said...

thank you so much for our gifts! john and i love them. y'all are so thoughtful.

Michaela said...

I can't wait to see you! My mom keeps saying how this is like a bunch of vacations in one, but your part is the last one and it will be the perfect ending! Love you and Merry Christmas!

Claire said...

Yay for new traditions and your first married Christmas. I totally get what you are talking about with the nap eyelashes. I like those...but I hate nap eyebrows...where they get all gnarley and kooky...