25 January 2009

oh my goodness...picking out pictures for my wedding album is SO hard!

I originally had 500 favorite pictures...then I was told I need to narrow it done to 100! I thought I was doing good but I still had 230! Now I have 165 and I don't think I can handle it anymore! Every time I walk away and come back to the pictures I find more I love. I just need to remember this is just for the album. I can frame all the pictures I want for the rest of my life!

Just had to share that with my few readers. ALSO, I have to choose a picture for the cover and a picture my photographer will create a "signature art print" out of. Goodness.

It has been fun re-living such a great time though! It makes me miss people though :(


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Emily said...

Aw! I can't wait to come visit some day and go through your wedding album. I miss you! Did you get my message the other day? We should have a phone date soon.