04 December 2008

my love

My wedding photographer was wonderful. She captured how Jonathan treasures me...

On another note...things I've learned this week:

1. I noticed in my fridge on Monday a mysterious yellow/white object shaped almost like a giant jelly bean. My first thought was that Jonathan was trying to play a trick on me but he eventually convinced me it was not from him. We seriously stared at it forever! Jonathan smelled it, I poked it, we gave it to the dog (then quickly picked it up again). Then I SCREAMED when I realize I had been handling a RAW BOILED EGG! Rule #1 Don't leave boiled eggs in the fridge (especially if peeled)!! I wish I had taken a picture before throwing it like a mad woman into the garbage disposal (also a minor mistake)

2. No matter what, when making cheesecake, it will always come out different! I made one last week for Thanksgiving and then I cheerfully volunteered to make it for a party at work. Ahhhh! It looked horrible...my pies can look terrible for family, friends...but WORK! This was an appreciation party for our volunteers (mostly elderly women) so I kept thinking these experienced old women are going to scoff at my cheesecake! I'm being slightly dramatic...it was fine. Apparently it tasted fine too. Rule #2 Only make pretty things for work parties

3. I got a pizza stone for a wedding gift. I love these things...I've only used my moms and I really haven't made pizza since because it just makes it so much better than a normal cookie tray does. So this week I was so excited to make a pizza. I pulled my beautiful, perfectly cooked pizza out of the oven and started serving it... "JONATHAN-the pizza is STUCK!"
We had bottomless pizza for dinner that night.
Rule #3 Read the directions and grease your pizza stone! Apparently you're suppose to do that for the first few uses. I kept thinking my mom NEVER greased her pizza stone...well she did!

I had to share all of those things with my few readers! Alright, off to work on my wedding album...


photos by Leslie Gawroecki


Michaela said...

oh domestic bliss!

Laura Rugh said...

hey! i finally updated my blog... i am sad that we aren't seeing y'all at christmas. love you!