08 September 2008


Well, Jonathan went out of town yesterday for work and goodness do I miss him! He should be back on Wednesday...but that seems too far away. How did I do this SO much before? I miss him 10x more than I did before we were married. I've been spoiled living with him, sharing meals, sharing everything! When he's gone I feel it so much more than before. Soon I won't even remember what life was like before we got married.
I'm trying to keep myself busy...but it's noon and I haven't even gotten out the door yet. I had a hard time waking up this morning, plus my alarm was set for pm instead of am! I'm headed to the post office and Bed, Bath and Beyond to exchange some wedding gifts. I'm excited about that! Nothing like store credit :)

Where I really want to shop right now is Anthropologie...maybe it's just because I know I can't just drive 10 minutes to get there.

Shopping online just does not compare. I have to go there when I visit Austin or Houston!

I plan on uploading photos from the last 2 months or so. I want my next post to have pictures! My blog is so boring without pictures :(



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Claire said...

being separated from your husband is so much harder than being separated from a boyfriend or fiance...but reuniting with a husband afer time apart is so much MORE fun than reuniting with your boyfriend :)