19 September 2008

my new life

I've been pondering writing a new post for a while now but I never seem to feel up to it.
It seems like the theme of my life right now is that everything and nothing are happening at the same time. This is such a new, big part of my life but at the same time I haven't had so much extended free time in a long time. I mean for the last 14 months I've been planning one of the most important days of my life and the last 4 years I've been working to graduate college. Now...I have nothing big I'm working or planning for. It's a strange feeling. I'm learning to live my new life.

Well, I'm officially on the job hunt. It's official because last night I announced it to my bible study (so I guess that makes it real! eek!). I've been hesitant to say that and really vague when people ask me because I didn't want to put pressure on myself...or a deadline. I needed a chance to relax and get used to my new surroundings. I'm weird like that. I started updating my resume today...I got kind of far. But then Jonathan came home with the new MarioKart and I got distracted...
I felt like I was 14 again for a little while there...

A few things I've been doing here in Midland:

Tuesday was our 1st monthversiary! Yes, we celebrated! We plan to celebrate, in at least some small way, each month we've been married for the first year. We went to a local italian restaurant and then Baskin Robins. There was an old man sitting alone at Baskin Robins that made us sad. Jonathan pointed him out and just about depressed me when he said "What if him and his wife went to get icecream every Tuesday night but she died 3 weeks ago and this is his first time back...". WELL! Make me cry!
I hate see old people alone. It hurts so much to wonder why...
It was a good mini celebration of our 1 month marriage....although we both agreed we should have gone to Olive Garden!

My kitchen finally feels like it's mine! We got a baker's rack to help with all the stuff and I loved decorating it. I lined all the shelves and unpacked the kitchen stuff-the wine glasses were the last to come out. Although I have a slew (I just asked Jonathan how to spell that word) of stuff in Houston that will need to be put in place.
My living room is starting to feel more like me but there are a couple of big things that need to be changed (rug and entertainment center). The rug we have now makes the room look different than what I want it to and our entertainment center is a bench...enough said. I did purchase two new plates for my wall (on sale at Pier One!) I tried to find a picture to post but they don't have one online. I'll post pictures of my place...one day.

Jonathan and I are going to the Air Show on Saturday. I'm not sure what it is but I know there will be planes flying over head and fake explosions and good (over-priced) food. We're going for free ($25 PER ticket)...so that's good.

My parents are still without power in Houston but my mom is connected to her neighbor across the cul-de-sac who has power (loooong extension cord!). It has been fun to hear how different neighbors are helping each other out. The dogs are loving it because since the fence fell down my mom has to walk them and they're getting A LOT more attention. Silly dogs...

Anyways...my life may be boring to some but it's exciting to me :)



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Claire said...

I feel the SAME way about seeing old people by themselves. I guess we just have to be grateful for all the time we are with loved ones!