05 September 2008

Is she updating!?

I'm updating!

I know this is long over-due. Once you get past a certain point updating just becomes daunting.

Well, life is very different today since my last real update! Very different.
I really love being married to Jonathan. It still feels like we're just on vacation. I'm starting to realize every night when we go to bed that this man is my HUSBAND! We were apart for almost a week, ending this last Tuesday. We've spent a lot of time apart in the last 4.5 years but I have never missed him as much as I did this last week. It was such a happy reunion!

While he was gone I spent a lot of time with Jenni (my sister-in-law) and my sweet niece, Abigail. I just love being around both of them so much. I've visited a lot in the last 2 years but it's a whole new thing to be here for good. Abigail is potty training right now-it's pretty precious to watch her learn! I'll take some updated pictures of her and maybe post them on here if I figure out how to do it.

I feel a lot more settled in the townhome than I did last week but I still have a lot to do. I'm getting frustrated with figuring out where to put stuff. We have no space in the bathroom! It's plenty for one person but not for two! I want to find a small hutch or some sort of cute furniture to store towels in. We ordered a baker's rack for the kitchen that I can't wait to get! I still have so much more to unpack but I'm stuck with no where to put it all.

Well, tomorrow Jonathan and I are going to visit the "Septemberfest" that a local museum puts on. Jonathan likes going to fairs, festivals, places with vendors who sell roasted corn and junk food! I'm starting to like it a lot too. I'm hoping I can find some neat art work or crafts. We got to do a little bit of that in Santa Fe as well.

By the way, our wedding was beautiful and perfect. We really enjoyed it. It was just so amazing to realize we were finally married! Jonathan was by far my favorite part of the wedding :) I am so thankful that our wedding photos capture the way he loves me. You can just see how much he treasures me. I am incredibly thankful to God for giving me such a caring husband. I've seen that even more now that we're married.

It's a very strange thing to not have any BIG plans for the future. I lived 14 months of my life anticipating August 16th. Now that it's over...life feels strange. Right now I'm looking forward to seeing my parents, brother and Laura again. We plan to get together in Austin...I still have so much of my stuff at my parent's house-including my pup! Jonathan and I are looking forward to having a sweet dog together :)

I'll also soon be on the job hunt. Kind of a big thing! I'm pretty intimidated by it but I know that I can trust in the Lord.

I'll try to be better about updating even though I don't think many people read this!



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Shannon said...

I read it! I'm so glad you're loving married life and can't wait to hear about all your adventures as Mrs. Tyner!!