02 September 2007


Can I just say that I feel like the luckiest woman alive to be marrying my Jonathan. He is incredible. He is my favorite. One day I will make a list of all the reasons I'm honored to be his fiance (and I know the list will grow once I'm his WIFE!)
He's such a good listener, and he always gives me sound advice. I love how he learns and soaks up knowledge and retains it so well! I love listening to him tell me about what he has learned, he's great at articulating it. I tell him that I hope after being married to him some of that skill will rub off on me.
He makes me feel like the most important and beautiful woman in the world. He's so incredibly good at it too! I glow when he encourages me.

Most importantly he loves the Lord, and he wants to serve the Lord, and he has incredible faith in the Lord. I will never stop being thankful for that.

I feel like in what I just wrote I've only covered a small aspect of why I adore him.

Okay, the end...for now...



Jenny said...

Hi Lauren!!!! Yay you have a blog!

Jon and Sally said...

Hey Lauren!
So good to find you here! So good to see you at the wedding!

Jon and Sally said...

P.s. I love that you still have your "girls". It's priceless. Hang on to it as long as you can!!

Michaela said...

oh no other people have found your blog!