28 September 2007


I'm posting! I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I've been bad...I just have nothing to say when I sit down at my computer...but when I'm on the bus or when I'm in class I have a million things. The "d" key on my computer is broken off, Jonathan thinks my keyboard is ghetto, he wants to take it to the apple store to get a new one. He's such a hater on my computer, but hey so am I.

It's my birthday weekend and my Jonathan is here, taking a nap on my bed...he's cute. Mia was so excited to see him, she just loves him. She's always laying next to him and she hates it when we leave her out. What would I do if she hated him? I couldn't do anything I guess.

I think I've decided to stop watching Grey's Anatomy. Those characters are depraved and it gets to me. They lead selfish and empty lives and they wonder why their lives are so lonely and messed up. Sometimes I really start to believe that these people are real...and it breaks my heart that they are so lost.
I had an Office premeire "gathering" last night at my place...it was good. We watched Grey's Anatomy afterwards and Marianne really kick started my thinking about the values of that show, she's skeptical and didn't really watch it last season for basically those reasons. Plus the show is just sad, I mean it's set in a hospital for heavens sake! I just can't take the emotions it provokes!

Liz ordered her bridesmaid dress, the colors have been officially set! I feel like I'm doing everything so early, but it's relieving a lot of future stress when I have less room to make decisions. I'm excited about the dresses and the colors...really excited!
I'm going home next weekend and I'll see Heather and Michaela...and Ashley being presented as homecoming queen nominee, I love those girls! I can't wait to see everyone.

Okay...till next time...



Michaela said...

i can't wait to hang out with you this weekend!! i haven't seen you in forever.

Dana said...

Hey! Glad you have a blog, thanks for stopping by. How is life? Wedding? Etc...?