15 August 2007

Packing and Scarves

I'm moving tomorrow so I'm packing up all my stuff right now. I swear, I have twice as much stuff as I did when I moved in. I'm going to miss my room but not too bad. It's just 4 walls, my stuff is what makes it my room, and all of that is going with me. Packing always brings back memories because I discover stuff that I've forgotten about. You'd be amazed how many memories have been coming back to me as I pack up all my scarves. I'll share a few...

My pink, fluffy scarf that I NEVER use brings back the memory of when Michaela and I each bought one at the Galleria. We were in this small little store with overpriced clothes and this employee graciously demonstrated every possible way you can wear these particular scarves. He put it on like a dress, like a shaw, like a skirt, a shirt...did I mention he was obviously gay. It sounds stupid and it was, but we still bought them! Did we actually think we might wear them as anything other than a scarf? In fact, I ended up never wearing it period! I vividly rememeber that as he was doing this, little pieces of the scarf were flying in the air and were all over his clothes. I miss living in the same city with Michaela.

My blue cashmina (that's what it's called right?) reminds me of when Emily was in London and we talked back and forth on email because calling was too expensive. We had some good "conversations" through those emails. She bought me that scarf and it kept me warm during the freezing weather in January. For some reason that seems like a long time ago but it was only 9 or 10 months ago. Now she's moving to Austin with me! No more emails needed! We used to always say "I wish we could just got get coffee/dinner and just talk". Well now we can do that between clases on the great University of Texas campus!

My crocheted maroon scarf that Heather made me reminds me of Heather of course! But not just Heather, it reminds me of first becoming friends with Heather our junior year of highschool. It was an unexpected wonderful surprise to suddenly have her in my life. It almost seems like we were always friends but I know there was a while there when we were actually becoming friends. I started driving her to school everyday and that's probably when we became close friends and I realized how flippin funny she was. I remember saying "you're like the funniest person I know" (or something to that effect). I was so thankful to finally have a best friend at MY school and not Cy-fair, where everyone but me went.

I love my girls.


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Emily said...

It's a pashmina. =)

I can't wait to be in Austin! I can't believe you won't be there for my first week or so though. How strange to be in your city and you not be there! It gives me a chance to make it my own though.

I can't wait!