14 September 2009

missing in action-but I'm still here...

It has been quite a while since I've written on here. I haven't left blogging by any means--I just haven't updated my own blog. I've even caught myself getting frustrated with other bloggers who don't update enough but then I realize it's been three months since I have! Last time I updated I was feeling miserable with stitches in my mouth. It felt like I was never going to feel normal again back then--and here I am feeling completely normal. Rather than write forever I'll just update in bullet format about a few things. I'm not gonna lie--this might be a pretty dry post but I wanted to update nonetheless!

-I've started a photography business! It has been a whirlwind-a roller coaster of emotions. I never thought I could really create a business around something I enjoy doing so much. It has taken time, and still is taking time, but I'm having fun. It definitely reminds me of the complete reliance I have on God. It constantly puts me in battle with sin and I have to submit each day to God's will and not my own. It's also given me so much joy to hear people excited about the pictures I've taken for them. I want to give all credit to God because he has given me this gift to bring Him glory!
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-Jonathan and I are looking at houses! I never thought I'd be saying that! We haven't looked too much but we're excited about hopefully find a great starter home. The housing market is kind of different here in Midland (compared to places like Houston) so it's been interesting figuring it out. One house we were kind of liking just went into contract--bummer. I like even more now that I can't have it! I'm excited to be on this adventure with my best friend and husband. Some of the houses we've seen have cracked us up! People are so funny...and weird with the way they live. One person had 4 fridges!! FOUR! Really now, is that necessary??

-A couple of weeks ago we can became members of our church, Christian Life Center. We are so thankful for our church home for so MANY reasons. God's word that is preached there faithfully each week by Pastor Billy, our new friends who have loved us so well, Pastor Billy himself for embracing and loving us (I saw him at HEB today and it made my day!), but most of all everything that God has taught us while we have been there. I thank God that he promises to sanctify us continually. Where would I be if it weren't for God's grace and mercy?

-This week the Petroleum Museum (where I work) is having it's annual birthday party! It's going to be a long night but fun at the same time. It's western themed so I'll be wearing my new boots and hoping they don't kill my feet! I'll be sure to post pictures of the party.

Okay, it's 9:30 and since I take about 20 minutes to get ready for bed I better get off this thing. Yes, I go to bed early-don't judge!

I've missed blogging...sorry I've been so bad.

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