03 May 2009

My life these last few months...in pictures

Okay. I always have things I want to post. In fact, I write the post in my head...but then I never find the time to do it and then before I know it's just too late. So since I really don't have that much time right now I've decided to post a few pictures to just show you the things I want to talk about. I hope you enjoy!

Jonathan and I have been babysitting our sweet Abigail (niece) every other Thursday (more or less). I must admit she gets a little spoiled over here...although we do try to lay some ground rules ;)

Back in March we all (me, Jono, Jeff, Jenni, Jim and Peggy) went to a ranch outside of San Angelo that my father-in-law's company owns. Charlie and Michelle drove out from Dallas to join us as well. It was so much fun. This picture is just after we got back from a late night "mule" ride to go star watching. It was quite chilly!

Here is a picture of our new friend Haley. She has a counterpart too...Justin...but this is just of the girls :) We've been hanging out with Justin and Haley a lot lately. In fact I think she's coming over in a bit while the men are being "manly".

Of course, I have to post these pictures... but do they need a caption? See previous post if this doesn't make sense.
By the way, he was so kind and so familiar. I felt like I've met him 10 times before. He was completely gracious...

Easter! A happy girl chasing bubbles and hunting for eggs.

OH MY GOODNESS. This girl is precious. Last night was her very first recital (!!! she's so old!). She might seem old to us but she was by far the youngest dancer there. The picture of all the legs is not mine (but I'm tempted to say it is). Apparently during the recital the little girls need to be entertained...they're watching a movie in this picture. Abigail is on the far left. This picture is PRICELESS!

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Ash said...

Hey girl! I love the photo post (though I know I'm commenting sort of late) and your niece is so darn cute! So what I really want to see now are some photos of your place :) Hope all is well in Midland!