14 February 2009


Happy Valentines Day :)

It's valentines and we woke up to rainy, cold weather. Usually this would make me cry (literally...maybe) but today it made me excited! I love when I have no where to be but it's rainy outside...especially while watching a movie. I feel like I haven't done that in forever! :)

Jonathan is off getting milk...for his cereal and THEN waffles for lunch. He's taking a while....hmmm....


Today has ended up being such a beautiful day. The rain cleared and now it's sunny again. I always like the sun...even when we're in a drought (does that make me a bad Midlander??).
Jonathan took forever at the grocery store! He came home with hydrangeas, wine, chocolate and a gift. He had gone to his parent's house to get everything. Instead of explaining everything...I'll just show pictures:

My mother-in-law got me these sweet glasses that we saw about a month ago at an estate sale. I had no idea she bought them! If you come visit me I'll make you lemonade :)
Notice the daisy stir stick?? CUTE.

I got Jonathan peanut butter! Don't worry, it's not going to kill him. We watched a show about the best sandwiches in America. There's a peanut butter restaurant in New York that only sells PB sandwiches! You can order their peanut butter online at ilovepeanutbutter.com
He loved it!

Jonathan got me wine, chocolate, hydrangeas (not pictured) and a book with love letters written by famous Christians in history (i.e. Martin Luther and Martin Lloyd Jones). I loved it!
The wine bottle is really cool...

Then we made breakfast!

On a none Valentines related note...for those interested (mom, Laura) here is a picture of my teacup cubby! I am so glad I bought this thing (even if they didn't go as low as I wanted). It's not quite complete yet. I eventually want to fill each corner with a different tea cup (all four of them are the same). I need another unique and different one from anthropologie...you know to keep it looking young. I really love it! Mom, notice the center, left mug...that's the one I just ordered. In the picture above of our bfast table you can see the rest of the plates on the other side of the table. I LOVE them!



Claire said...

I love your tea cup cubbie, it's so cute! And I loved ya'lls Valentine date. For our first married Valentine's we did breakfast for dinner cause at the time it was one of my favorite things, and Russell wouldn't do it. If I made breakfast, he'd make a sandwich for himself...

Laura Rugh said...

Your cubbie is so cute! Now I have a good visual so I know which tea cups to keep my eye out for...

Anonymous said...

that was such a fun post to read! love the photo journalism aspect hehe. we had chocolate strawberry crepes (rita made) for our v-day lunch and some mimosas-- our table setup was very much the same =)
p.s. AUSTIN misses you and me too! i saw a dog that looked just like Mia today on a walk and reminisced..

<3, Liz

Anonymous said...

Maybe Johnny was off getting milk, or maybe, JUST maybe, he was making a WHATABURGER run!